​​The Suwanee Police Department has created a community-based action program that encourages residents to help maintain the quality of life within their own communities.  PACT, which stands for Police And Citizens Together, is designed to complement Neighborhood Watch programs.

Through PACT, a specific officer is assigned as a liaison to each of the city's neighborhoods or subdivision. The officer/liaison will work with residents on quality-of-life issues, such as speeding, assist residents in taking measurements to prevent crimes, and facilitate three community meetings each year.

Suwanee Police Liaison for Bayswater Common:

Officer J. Gatz

Suwanee Police Dept. Telephone: 770-945-8995

Alternative Telephone: 770-904-7672


About Bayswater Common


Suwanee, Georgia is a small, vibrant community of approximately 10,000 located 30 miles north of Atlanta.  While effectively managing the exponential growth that has come to this small city over the past 15 years, Suwanee has maintained an emphasis on preserving its natural and historic resources.  Suwanee is committed to providing outstanding services to citizens and businesses, and an enthusiasm for creating a true sense of community.  In 2003, Suwanee was named a City of Excellence by the Georgia Municipal Association and Georgia Trend magazine.


The Homeowners Association maintains common areas such as the entrances and landscapes, along with one tennis court, a swimming pool, a pavilion area, and a lake with a dam.  All homeowners have access to the lake and dam for popular activities such as small boating and fishing.

Home owners association

Our Community

Bayswater Common is located in the small community of Suwanee, Georgia near the junction of Peachtree Industrial Blvd. and Suwanee Dam Road.